Is the wealthy affiliate worth it? #1Ugly Truth Revealed in 2020

Is the wealthy affiliate worth it? Is it working in 2020?


Is this, the question you have in your mind? Then give me some few minutes from your valuable time and since I’ve tried it, I’m going to show you how it works, what folks are doing to get consistent income online, what I am personally earning, different testimonials, and the 2020 ugly truth behind Wealthy affiliate success.

Before I decide to join this community I was in another MLM company for over one year but I haven’t succeeded.

On the other hand, with Wealthy Affiliate, I was able to quit my day job within 11 months because I was already getting consistent money each and every month(You’ll see the screenshots below), create a full-time business, and I didn’t know anything I have started from scratch but today I am really grateful for what I am earning.

I wish I had started by the time I joined the MLM company, but I don’t regret it because the bad experiences made me stronger.

If you’ve decided to join the amazing community by clicking on the link below, that’s a good decision you can ever make and I bet, after arriving inside the community, see what’s there, interact with people you share the same goals, getting started with the powerful training, you will definitely fall in love with Wealthy Affiliate! See you inside.


How to start a business online

Name: Wealthy Affiliate


Price: Starter Membership: $0 Join Here

Premium Membership $49/month or $359/year

Owners: Kyle & Carson

Who is it for:  Let’s Find out.

Verdict: Let’s Find Out …

Is the wealthy affiliate a scam or…? What is it?

Wealthy affiliate university is a community full of active members that interact and help each other each, every day 24/7.

If your goal is to learn how to make money online, being helped when you are stuck, discussing with fellow members that have the same goal as you, help others, then you are going to love wealthy affiliate university.

One of the things that make Wealthy affiliate university unique is the fact that you find the owners (Kyle and Carson) hanging out in the community and you can always ask them questions on any subject or issue and get the help.

Any time when you need help with your website, all the experts(members) of wealthy affiliate university, Kyle and Carson as well will help you out. In short, there is nothing like getting stuck in the Wealthy Affiliate though there is also the ugly truth behind the program.

 how does wealthy affiliate works?

Here are four steps in which Wealthy Affiliate works:

  1. Choose an interest


The first step is to choose an interest of your choice. Your website can be about anything because everything has an audience. For you to know easily how to go about that, you can just ask yourself some questions like, what are my hobbies, what do I like to play, what do I like to watch?

Even when you feel like you have no idea about your interest(Like I was), Wealthy affiliate university has an Affiliate BootCamp that you can make money from, as an answer for you.

2.Build free websites

This time around, things have really changed, it’s very easy and quick to build a website. With Wealthy Affiliate University, five munites is enough for you to build your own website.

3. Get traffic to your website(Visitors)

After building your Site, the next important thing you need is traffic. There are so many ways to get traffic to your site but Google, Bing, and Yahoo will provide you with free traffic. Almost 90% of my traffic comes from Google so, the chances are you found my website on Google, Bing or Yahoo which proves that the training within Wealthy Affiliate works though there is the ugly truth.

 4. Start Earning

Maybe you are wondering if it’s possible to make money while you don’t own a product but the answer is yes you can! You don’t necessarily need a product and you can still earn a big income.

Almost all companies have an affiliate program to promote their products and services in the exchange with commissions. Eg: Amazon, eBay, Toyota,…..Nowadays a very big percentage of people around the planet do their shopping online and Wealthy affiliate university will teach you how to get them to purchase goods from you and then you get commissions. That’s actually what happens after you have traffic on your site.


In short, the image above shows very well the process of earning cash online. There is an audience that is searching for something in Google, the SEO bring the page on your site that explains about the product or service needed, the audience purchase it in the company you are affiliated on and then you automatically receive your commissions. That’s how simple it is.


  • Step 1, I chose to teach Cat tricks as a subject.
  • Step 2, I would make a website focused on that subject.
  • Step 3, I would get visitors to my site interested in this topic.
  • Step 4 (the money part), I could promote products from other places like Amazon (books, training DVDs, cat training accessories,…) and get cash every time a visitor purchased these things from my site.

There are literally a lot of different subjects to choose from to earn money with and you can really choose and start getting income from any subject you want according to what you like. That’s the beauty of online business. Each subject has a large number of people interested in it who look for information on it on a daily basis.

By having a website with that information on it, you can really leverage this and earn money in the process. This is exactly what WA will teach you to do, even if you have no prior experience with these things. The amount you can make is really limitless.

What’s wealthy affiliate for?

Within Wealthy affiliate university, the training is suitable for all of you who are newbies online but also it is highly recommended for experts online entrepreneurs who want to scale their online business to the high level. It’s also good for those of you who would like to become your own boss and work on your own schedule, stay at home moms, in short, the Wealthy Affiliate is for anyone who wants to make a living from the internet.

Wealthy affiliate Pros and Cons (The 2018 Ugly Truth)

If you’ve gone through my whole WA review, I guess you really want to know this ugly truth I am talking about and here it is:

I’ve been a WA member a long time ago and I am still a member of the program because I am actually making cash online due to the knowledge I draw from the WA and I guess I’m going to be there for the rest of my life because apart from hosting my sites, using their keywords research tools and all that, as long as I am in the online business industry  I will always need to be updated on what’s going on in the industry and Wealthy Affiliate Community is the best on that.


I won’t lie to you, it’s not as easy as you may think, you will really have to work hard to put together your stuff. Honestly, it’s not something you can rely on if you want some quick income within a week or just one month…Noooooh!

I earned my first $ during my third month and I was working on just one website full time(8 to 10 hours a day, sometimes, even more, when working on new projects ) though I reached $254 during my 5th month.

As you can see in the screenshot below, I have joined Wealthy Affiliate in January 2017 and I’ve worked hard for five months without getting significant $ because the $254 was accumulated during the five months of hard work.


Remember, during the five months I was also paying the premium membership of $49 per month because after joining as a free member, they let you utilize all their tools and facilities, but after like a week, you’re limited to some of their services as you’re going to see on the image below, and I didn’t want to miss anything from what they offer.

In fact, if you can do it part-time it’s okay, but if you choose to do it full time, then you will need to have some cash to sustain your basic needs for some few months because some people make money within some weeks, but also some others take months to see good results.

In short, that’s the Ugly Truth I was telling you, that it needs hard work, focus, and especially patience as it may take a bit longer before you start earning significant cash.

Check out the video below if you'd like to see some income proof for other folks who are earning consistent passive income online due to the Wealthy Affiliate training and tools.

Or else, below are some simple things I don’t like on the platform:

*Wealthy affiliate is full of information to the point that you can easily get overwhelmed.

*As I’ve said above, Success doesn’t come easily in Wealthy affiliate, you need to work hard for you to succeed.

*Live chat( One of the platforms inside the program) is kinder addictive, sometimes after asking your questions, you find yourself wasting your time chatting with entrepreneurs instead of getting back to your business.

*Again, there is no overnight success in Wealthy Affiliate, it takes time before you succeed, the more you invest enough time in your business, the more you see the progress.


*Wealthy affiliate is free to join(No credit card needed), you can only upgrade if you want after being in the community for long.

*In Wealthy affiliate you make money with your own passion which becomes very easier to concentrate on your work since it’s something you are passionate about.

*There are no upsells in Wealthy Affiliate, the only upsell is the premium membership.

*Wealthy Affiliate is an all in one community where you get like everything you need to start your online business.

*Support and help are very tight in Wealthy Affiliate and you have many places in the community where you can ask questions(Live chat, Classrooms and Private messages).

*Once you sign up as a free member, you immediately have access to two free websites, ten free lessons and more

*Yet you can create your own business within Wealthy Affiliate as a part-time member, learn and build your websites according to your own schedule.

 wealthy affiliate cost

*Totally free to join: Wealthy affiliate has two different memberships

As you see on the banner, the Wealthy Affiliate has two different memberships, the free one(Basic), and the paid one( Premium). This is really good because the program gives freedom to get inside for free, see by yourself how it works, build some free websites                 ( including hosting), go through some training, interact with different experts online entrepreneurs, all of these without no risk of losing your cash on something you don’t really know.

If you like it you can join the premium membership as it has more benefits for those who are interested in building a full-time business online. But still you can stay with your starter account forever, no strings attached though there are some other few advantages you will miss out with the basic one and that’s what we are going to see below.

Here are what you get with the free starter membership:

  •     Instant access to over 500 training modules
  •     2 free websites (Including free hosting)
  •     Access to 3 classrooms
  •     Live support from the owners for the first 7 days and support from many experts inside WA!
  •     30 keyword searches a month
  •     Phase 1 of the Boot Camp course, teaching you how to build an authority website.


Claim Your Free Membership Now!


Here are what you get with the Premium membership ($49/month or $359/year):

  •     Live Video Classes
  •     Instant access to over 500 training modules
  •     Unlimited free websites along with free hosting
  •     Website Backup and Website Security Package
  •     Access to all 12 classrooms
  •     Unlimited Live support from the owners and support from many experts inside WA!
  •     Unlimited keyword searches
  •     All phases of the Boot Camp course
  •    100% higher commissions.
  •    Private access to my support.
  •    … and more!

What makes Wealthy Affiliate different from other programs, is the real support from experts inside the community and the owners as well. And according to me, especially for newbies, it’s really hard to build an online business when you don’t have a real support from those who know more. Before I join the Wealthy Affiliate, I have been in different schemes out there and that’s the first thing I’ve noticed inside Wealthy Affiliate.

Is the wealthy affiliate worth the money?

If your dream is to start making money online, or if your target is to be your own boss, then Wealthy Affiliate worth it because they offer you everything you need to build a stable business whether you are a newbie online or an expert. You only have to follow the training and work hard, build your website from your passion.

Wealthy affiliate special bonus

If you are serious about creating your full-time business online, I always advise people to just mingle inside the program for like 7days to see yourself the truth, and then immediately go premium because full support and getting in touch with experts and the owners are highly needed for those who are ready to earn.

So, if that’s you, then I have a special bonus for you, of 59%for the yearly payment plus personal coaching from me. Instead of paying the $49 per month, you have an option to pay $359 per year.

If you choose to go premium during your first 7days within the community, I also have a special surprise for you on your first-month payment.

After you’ve created your free account, I am going to get in touch with you, assist you with some important information you need and I am sure if you have always desired to get a working and genuine program to start an online business with, you are going to fall in love with the Wealthy Affiliate and trust me you will enjoy every minute  in The community plenty of amazing people you share the same goals.

According to my experience in the industry, I can confidently say that Wealthy Affiliate is the best place to learn how to make money online. I guess there is no better place like Wealthy Affiliate to start a stable online business.

Wealthy affiliate is a company that really cares about the members while most of the other programs that I’ve been in before, just concentrate on impressing you with rented Lamborghinis, mansions, big cars, and Ferraris just to get you to spend cash for a system that does not work. In Wealthy affiliate, it’s a different case because they don’t show you all those things to flat you, but they just teach you how to make money from your own websites. As simple as that!

How to start a business online
Do you know something about the Wealthy Affiliate? Do you still have a question about the product or do you have anything to say about the program? Your comments are highly appreciated and I will be glad to hear from you, and get back to you as soon as possible.

If you like this review, please share it with the social media icons below, there is someone out there who need this information.

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  1. Pretty good post. I just stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say that I have really enjoyed reading your blog posts. Anyway I’ll be subscribing to your feed and I hope you post again soon.

  2. Hi Armstrong, thanks for a great post. Please assist, I want to join the free membership, so I want to find out if I can make some cash and earn from it or is it only those on premium who are able to earn?

    1. Hey Kat,
      Yes, you can make money as a free member. You don’t have to be a premium member to start earning but for those who are paying members, they have more advantages compared to the free members. Thanks for passing by!

  3. Just gone through everything about making money online am really interested. My question is how can i get the money i make?

    1. Hello Mutale,
      That’s very easy! I have written a post on how to receive online payments. Feel free to read the information HERE. Thank you for leaving your comment!

  4. Hey! I’m at work surfing around your blog from my new iphone! Just wanted to say I love reading your blog and look forward to all your posts! Keep up the outstanding work!

  5. Three months ago I was researching something on the internet and then I found myself on this page, after reading the whole review, I’ve decided to join with the free account and now I have my own site and it’s really doing great though I haven’t started earning big amount of money!
    So, just passing by and saying thanks for your good and genuine suggestions!

    1. Hello Granieri Christa,
      You’re welcome and I am glad my site helped you to make the right a good decision. Thanks for passing by!

  6. I patiently went through your summation and realized that this is one site where the truth is not lacking but am pretty disappointed that the program is not functional in my(country-Nigeria) area.
    How l wish you can help to work out an alternative and do some legitimate online business for my self.

    1. Hello, Atene Festus!
      I am really sorry that you can not access the Wealthy Affiliate free starter account but the program is functional all over the world!
      The thing is, according to Kyle(The owner), there is a lot of fraud and spam from the countries below:
      So, to protect the community within WA, the above countries are excluded from the free account currently.
      However, anyone from these countries can join Wealthy Affiliate through the Premium membership, or you can talk to me on ( ) and I will help you with that!

      Thanks for sharing your comment with me and my audience.

  7. Hey,
    The things you don’t like about Wealthy Affiliate are just common on like every genuine program. There is no magic when it comes to making a living online. So, to say that Wealthy Affiliate is not good as you’re demonstrating, i guess it’s a lie.

    1. Hello, MEIR SIMHONY
      I think you haven’t gone through the whole review because I have not said that Wealthy Affiliate is bad but I just don’t like some of the things on the program and there is no perfect program on the internet. WA is the best for those who want to learn and earn online and that’s why I recommend it but that doesn’t make it perfect at all! I hope I’m making sense. Anyway thanks for sharing your opinion with me and my visitors.

  8. Hey, Armstrong…..
    I have a passion of working online, and i have been reading your blogs for quite a while at least now i understand the whole process, but it seems like this things need a lot of money to start out and the challenge i have is that i am jobless, sometimes i don’t even have money for my internet, and for most of these programs, to succeed you need to subscribe to the premium membership in order to have access to all their tools and facilities. Sorry to say so, but i am really feeling depressed about the idea of making a living online.

    1. Hello, Fadden!
      You are kinder right and I understand you but I would like you to know that almost every new internet marketer starts with nothing except a strong desire for success. There is nothing more powerful than hunger and only someone hungry for success will go out of his/her way to learn everything he possibly can about his passion. So, being jobless or whatever, shouldn’t be your reason to fail on something you’re passionate about. Just do what you can, read every time you get the chance, learn new things through free blogs like this one, register for WA free membership and start your training for free,….before you know it, you will find yourself in a better position.
      But don’t give up, just fight, I came to realize that most of the important things in life do not come our way easily so, you better go hard for what you want!

  9. Hey, Armstrong
    what’s this Wealthy Affiliate about ? How does it work(regardless of free/premium account) ? How do we earn & make money with it ? Hosting and create your own website ? Can you clarify a little bit, I’m interested as long as it’s legit, I have been through lots or forex and so on..scam duhh…but at least now i know what I need to perform/action before joining, any program. what do we do?

    1. Yes, David….
      it’s about content creation on your own website and monetization with affiliate marketing. You’re going to learn more about SEO (how to rank your website) and writing content (or hire freelancers to write for you).

      I guess the Wealthy Affiliate homepage can explain the process better. It’s free to join and to learn the first 10 lessons, so avail yourself and go through it and then decide if it’s for you.

  10. Hey, Armstrong!
    Thank you for getting back to me, but what about my website? Am i going to loose my whole site after i can’t pay for the membership?

    1. Rozan,…… you won’t loose your website, Wealthy affiliate host it for you for 30days for you to get ready and come back if you want, but again you have an option to shift your site to the other host of your choice.But I guess you shouldn’t put that in your mind! If you work hard and follow all the Wealthy affiliate training, step by step, and do all the tasks within the lessons, I am sure some months later your membership fee won’t be a burden for you because your sites will start generating income though it takes time and effort.

  11. Hey there!
    I am really glad to find this review because I am very interested in creating my own online business but I would like to ask just one question. Once I upgrade on the premium membership, will it be posible for me to downgrade in case i am no longer able to pay the membership? thanks in advance and i am looking forward to hear from you.

    1. Hello, Rozan……I hope you are doing fine. First of all, let me thank you for visiting my site. Unfortunately, once you’ve upgraded to the premium membership within Wealthy affiliate, you can not downgrade to the free membership but you can come back and rejoin the premium when you’re ready.

  12. Hi There
    This is a really nice review and sounds a bit to good?? You said about joining for 7 days free and then upgrading, do you have to upgrade after a period of time and are you pressured to upgrade?

    1. Hello, Stewart…..As far as I know, the Wealthy affiliate does not pressure anyone to upgrade. As you have seen in this article, there is a big difference between the advantages of being a premium or just a free member. So, during the first week, they let you test like most of the facilities for premium and then after that it’s up to you to upgrade or not. But still, you can choose to remain a free member as long as you like. Thank you

  13. Hi Armstrong,

    Wealthy Affiliate seems like a great platform. I’ve been doing SEO and learning on my own for years do you think Wealthy Affiliate would be good for someone like me too? I really don’t want to waste anymore money.

    1. Hey, Dana…..Wealthy affiliate is suitable for newbies online but again it’s a nice platform for experts as well because Wealthy affiliate is a great community full of experienced and active online marketers who are there 24/7. The online industry is totally different from offline business, you need to stay updated and that’s why even after learning and building profitable businesses, folks don’t quit Wealthy affiliate. In short, I strongly recommend you WA as an online guy already and you won’t regret your decision. thanks, hope I’ve tried to answer your question.

  14. Thanks a lot Armstrong, I was able to access the free account and I’ve already started the online entrepreneur certification training.

  15. Hello there,
    I have gone through the article and I would like to join but I am having trouble creating the Wealthy Affiliate account, I’ve tried to create a free account but in vain. Any help is highly appreciated!

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